Chandigarh ‘stalking’ case: Vikas Barala arrested after he presents himself to police

Chandigarh 'stalking' case: Vikas Barala arrested after he presents himself to police
Chandigarh ‘stalking’ case: Vikas Barala arrested after he presents himself to police

NEW DELHI: Vikas Barala, a BJP leader’s son accused of stalking a woman in Chandigarh last week, was arrested after he presented himself at the police station on Wednesday afternoon, having failed to appear for an 11am summons on the same day, reported Times Now.
There was heavy security at the Sector 26 police station in Chandigarh where Vikas presented himself. Earlier, when Vikas failed to appear, his father, Haryana BJP president Subhash Barala, said “he will fully cooperate” in any investigation.

Vikas and a friend of his allegedly stalked, harassed and almost waylaid Varnika Kundu, who was driving alone in Chandigarh on Friday night.

“Arrest of Vikas Barala is one small step in the right direction”, said Varnika’s father VS Kundu to Times Now. Police said on Wednesday that Vikas and his friend “refused to give” their blood and urine samples after the alleged incident Friday night.

“Such refusal will be held against them in the investigation and trial,” said Tajender Luthra, Chandigarh director general of police, to ANI. Minutes before his son was to present himself, Barala denied allegations that he or his party were trying to shield his son.

“I’m a good citizen. I want the police to thoroughly investigate what has happened even though my son has been named. The woman (Varnika) is like my daughter. Her allegations must be properly investigated,” Barala said.

The Haryana BJP president’s son was arrested Friday night after Varnika called the police while she was being chased around the city by Vikas and a friend of his. He was later granted bail. The Congress  alleged that police charged him with bailable offences on purpose, so he could be protected.

On Wednesday, the BJP vigorously denied it was hampering the investigation. “This is absolutely untrue, to say we are involved in any way,”said a BJP official Jawahar Yadav.

The police on Wednesday said they fully intend to conduct a thorough investigation.”Everything under the sun will be done to ensure justice,” said Luthra, Chandigarh’s director general of police.
Luthra said earlier that Vikas refused to accept the summons notice when police went to present it to him on Wednesday morning. Vikas Barala refused to accept the notice therefore we have pasted the notice on the wall of his residence,” said Luthra.

Varnika, a daughter of a senior Haryana IAS officer, was driving by herself in Chandigarh when Vikas and his friend began to follow her, she said. At one point, they allegedly backed her into a corner and came out of their vehicle towards her car, but she managed to pull away, she wrote in a Facebook post.