Elections on 11th April and results will be out on May 23rd

The central board of election had announced that the Evm machines will be out tomorrow to all the locationss across the India.

Telangana IT minister Mr KTR has formally said that TRS gonna will win 16 seats and one AIMIM.. Total are 16 seats from Hyderabad Telangana. There is a tuff competition this time for BJP and CONGRESS to win from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Central will be non BJP AnD non congress this year 2019 said by KTR and his Fathet KCR. In fact AIMIM President Asad uddin owaisi also tweeted that they are forming non congress and non BJP government in central.

Mamatha Banerjee and KCR Alliance will be formed in central said by Asad owaisi. KCR wants to be a PM for our beloved country.

Bjp will won zero seats from telangana and Andhra region said by TDP cheif chandra babu naidu. Jagan will be the next CM in Andhra. There will be an alliance between MIM and Jagan party YSRCP after the victory.

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