Emmanuel Macron has been elected as the new President of France

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron has been elected as the new President of France by beating right wing rival Marine Le Pen, making him thus the youngest leader after Napoleon. The election of Macron though belied the hopes of few have also risen for most. In the presidential election, macron being Independent centrist defeated Marine Le Pen by 66.06% to 33.94% as reported by the French interior ministry. One of the key characteristics of the elections was lowest voter turnout in 40 years where almost one-third of voters chose neither Macron nor Le Pen, with 12 million abstaining and 4.2 million spoiling ballot papers.

The independent centrist Macron, aged 39 was an investment banker and had served as economy minister under the socialist President Hollande, until 2016 when left the government citing absence of pro – business reforms. He has thus never had held elected office except being the economic minister for two years. Macron’s elections is viewed as a blow to political system as expressed by French political columnist Pierre Haski, and who had betted on his youth, on the energy and the optimism. This youngest president had also formed En Marche! with the promise to shake up France’s “vacuous” and discredited political class. The thumping victory of the Centrist has also shattered the supremacy of French mainstream political parties. Following the Brexit and Donald Trump’s election as President, Macron has brought a sigh of relief to European allies. Macron fought the election on the plank of free market, pro business reform and had promised to reinvigorate the EU blended with leftist approach to social issues.

Emmanuel Macron here from now faces the uphill task of securing majority in the parliament with this political entity En Marche! in the next month legislative elections, an act mandatory to fulfill his electoral promises. His opponent in the poll, Marine Le Pen a right leaning nationalist had threat to pull France out of the EU,  a move not liked by many. In spite of nation bearing the brunt of Jihadi attack and immigration, the voters have elected a centrist, who has chosen economy over politics.