Hindi Medium’s first song ‘Suit Suit’ features Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar

In ‘Suit Suit’, Irrfan Khan Saba Qamar suit up, dress like a gorgeous couple to live up to the unhealthy obsession of the society

The makers of Hindi Medium released their first song, “Suit Suit” which is composed by Guru Randhawa and Rajat Nagpal. The song features Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar who are trying their best to suit up and find their way into the elite circle. Irrfan looks dashing in his new suits. Well, with that avatar, whether or not he’ll be able to get his daughter admitted to an English medium school is still unclear, but he can surely walk the ramp and steal every glance.

While Irrfan Khan manages to carry out his suited look very naturally (hiding his nervousness secretly) Saba Qamar however ends up looking nervous in her jittery walk on those pencil heels. Together, Irrfan and Saba look cute as they perfectly portray a couple caught in the state of mental strain when you know you’ve just walked into a place where you do not belong socially.

For some reason, the society tends to judge someone’s character, class and intellect based on how they dress and how they speak English. That’s why Irrfan and Saba suit up, dress like a gorgeous couple to live up to the unhealthy obsession of the society.

Hindi Medium tells the story about a couple’s struggle to get their daughter admitted to a classy English medium school, because according to society, to survive in a country like India, where English is considered more a class than just a language, you need to be fluent in it to prove your worth. Because in India, unless you walk English and talk English, you are not a gentleman!

Source: http://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/hindi-medium-song-suit-suit-irrfan-khan-and-saba-qamar-try-to-act-classy-but-are-still-desi-at-heart-watch-video-4612115/