(Mission – Shakti): India is becoming 4th Nation to Add an Anti-Satellite Weapon

India is becoming 4th Nation to Add an Anti-Satellite Weapon to Arsenal. When compared to China,Russia and United states of America, Mr Prime Minister Modi has tweeted before Lok Sabha Election.

This is one of the proud moment to India and its people. That bought a utmost and a historic impact on next generations.Today is such a beautiful moment. Modi informed to the India across the coaxial media like Twitter and Mediathat we had successfully tested (A-SAT) Missile.

Mission Shakti which was taken up DRDO(Defence Research and Development Organization),The Indian satellite was Eliminated within Just three minutes. Its a rare achievement for India also it helps the condition of Indian economy and for the technical advantages.The project was started actually in the year 2012 in the congress government at time of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Later till 2014 the project was running and was half successful.

Akhilesh Yadav the chief of Samajwadi party who had accused the Prime minister stating that (BJP) Bharatiya Janta Party is diverting the nations attention.By announcing the Missile issue. Congress Cheif Rahul Gandhi Tweeted in tweeter Well done ISRO and DRDO for the Tremendous Job done by the group the scientists. Gandhi also wished prime minister for the World Theater Day.

Mrs Mamatha Banerjee has accused the Prime minister that do not steal the credit from DRDO and ISRO. She said it was not an urgency of this announcement, because this project has to be closed in the year of 2016.This was announced the expiry date of this mission.

Arun Jaitely the minister of Finance said that it cannot be put to any half and this will run for a whole year i.e 365 days. And this programme will continue 365 days without any hold. The Amid reports that DRDO and ISRO had the capacity of launching the satellite and Amit Shah said we have Sophisticated and highly developed Engineers and scientists who had the this talent to show case it in NDA government were the UPS had failed in their times.

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