New Delhi :Rahul Gandhi said no Alliance with AAP and this is conveyed to Sheila D


Rahul Gandhi took the final Decision that he do not want to do alliance with Arvind K AAP in Delhi for this coming Elections,Sheila D and Arvind Kejriwal the Cheif minister of Delhi and state congress, was conveyed the decision by its leaders Chacko & Venu in a meeting. Meeting ended by midnight at Dikshit’s place for the announcement to have today.

Dikshit’s was a 3rd time CM, And now alliance with AAP in Capital city Delhi,Dikshit has wrote a letter to Congress cheif to Rahul and to his mother Ms Sonia that this alliance may hurt them further.Ans she will stcik with party for long term.Because these two parties may effect congress for this election.

The leaders of UPA approached to Dikshit’s place for shortlisting the candidates and the applications for Parliament elections. They had got huge applications around 80 to be shortlisted, Sheila has said in his speech that AAP cheif has not approached them. Reports say that Rahul is upset with Kejriwal for the alliance.

NCP cheif Sharad Pawar on last Tuesday stepped to help Sonia’s Congress and Kejriwal’s AAP work out analliance in national capital for Lok sabha on this coming elections. Sonia has that fear that this time again congress will loose the power in central. And ‘Modi’ Leher is still running towards the people in India.

“People are Eagerly waiting for the coming Election which is going to be held in April”, The results may take a time but now the opportunity to Modi and Rahul, Only one can take this victory for 2019.

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