Praveen Nishad a Gorakhpur MP joins BJP from Samajwadi party Due to Tuff situations with Modi and Amit

There are Leaders from Samajwadi party, Who are about to Join in BJP, Mr Amit shah held a meeting with two ministers at his house and given the seats for these candidates. ” Now this is the time for BJP and Congress but still there are Individual parties who are opposing these two parties UPA and NDA.

Samajwadi Cheif Akhilesh Yadav is in toupee, Tweeted in his tweet that there are other candidates who are ready to work with them, Still there are confusion between Samajwadi and BJP, This time there are the changes for Individual parties like “Mahaghatbandhan”, Non BJP and Non congress will see in this elections on May 23rd result.

Mr Modi said in his statement that Bjp will wins a high majority and Rahul Gandhi tweeted Congress will win with High majority in all the states this time. “BJP Mukth Bharath”, Rumors says that Bjp will end in this 2019 elections.

Priyanka Gandhi and his brother Rahul: said in their recent statement that Modi “leher” is missing this time “beti bachao and beti padhao” Also missing, As per the Media categorical view, Media says BJp zindabad and people say Congress. But Our “Chowkidar Modi”, says wins with a major and higher majority when compared to 2014 Elections.

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