Roadies Rising winner Shweta Mehta: There was no looking back after my dad appreciated my bikini pictures and supported me

Roadies Rising winner Shweta Mehta: There was no looking back after my dad appreciated my bikini pictures and supported me
Roadies Rising winner Shweta Mehta: There was no looking back after my dad appreciated my bikini pictures and supported me

MTV Roadies Rising’s fourteenth season saw a thrilling finale last night wherein Neha Dhupia‘s gang member Shweta Mehta emerged as a winner. The Haryana girl was rejected thrice before participating and winning the reality show.
“I had auditioned for Roadies thrice in the past but did not make it to the show. But I never gave up. I pushed and worked hard on myself. I developed my body. The spirit of chasing my dream didn’t let me lose my focus. I believe in living in the moment and not thinking about future. I wanted to bring my dream to reality. So I took the challenge head- on and auditioned again, only with the intention of winning the show. And I did,” said Shweta.

Describing her win, she says, “This definitely feels amazing. It’s a beautiful feeling that after trying 4 years for the show, I have finally won Roadies. It is a cult show and being associated with such a show and winning it feels out of the world. Neha ma’am wanted a girl to win this season and I feel proud that I didn’t disappoint her.”

Roadies, which is in its fourteenth season, has lost its charm in the last few years. When asked why she chose to be part of the show even after representing India in the Asian Championship as a Bikini Fitness Athlete, Shweta said, “Roadies has its loyal fans who still watch the show and have stuck to it. I agree that some have stopped watching it, but I have got a great response for our season. Even I haven’t watched few last seasons of the show, but after this season I am sure people will comeback and watch Roadies again.”

Talking about the relationship she shared with the gang leaders Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula, Rannvijay Singh Singha and Nikhil Chinappa, Shweta says, “It takes a lot to make your own identity and stand out when you have 20 other contestants on the show. People tend to forget you when you don’t get a chance to perform a task for 3 to 4 days. Something similar happened to me when I didn’t get a chance to perform any task for 10 days. That was a moment which made me question myself why I am not anyone’s favourite? Even Neha maa’m liked Mandeep in the beginning and it was during an offloading task when everyone noticed me. That was a task which got everyone’s eyes on me.”

Though, Shweta is a Bikini Fitness Athlete today, but while growing up she was not allowed to wear sleeveless dresses and capris. When she first shot in a bikini and showed the pictures to her mother, the latter didn’t speak to her. Her mother said Shweta’s dad would get livid on seeing the bikini pictures. However, Shweta mustered courage and decided to speak to her father and to her surprise he appreciated her pictures. “My family has been my pillar of strength.

They have supported me in all my decisions. I worked in a IT sector and earned 50-70K a month and one day I decided to leave all that to pursue my dream. My family stood by me. I was financially broke and to top it, my relatives used to get proposals for me. When I shot some pictures in bikini, the first thing I did I showed it to my mom. She was very upset and didn’t speak to me for a month thinking my father will get angry.

I decided to deal with things myself and called my dad, he asked me to send the pictures to him. When he saw the pictures, he told me I looked beautiful. That was the day, I never looked back. I don’t take any credit for my win, it all has happened because of them. Being a businessman and from Haryana there were times when people called him names, but my father never stopped me from chasing my dream. I am very thankful to them. They are proud of me today,” explained Shweta.

 After winning Roadies Rising, Shweta now wants to try her hands at other reality shows like Bigg Boss and Khatron Ke Khiladi. But has no plans of taking up acting.