Samsung Galaxy S8 Goes on Sale Today: Watch The Review Before You Buy It

A stroke of luck for Samsung prevented the disastrous Galaxy Note 7 from arriving in India. Now, the Galaxy S8 could be the smartphone to make consumers forget and forgive. The technology media globally has called for a truce with Samsung accepting that the Galaxy S8 deserves a chance.

The device is officially now available for purchase in India. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is priced at Rs 57,900 and the S8+ is priced at Rs 64,900.

Samsung is already taking praises like ‘stunning display’, ‘drop-dead gorgeous design’ or ‘the best Android phone of 2017’ for granted with the Galaxy S8. But it is definitely not perfect. Also, for Galaxy S7 edge users, the experience is nearly the same with the new S8. So, is it worth it? Here is our review.

Watch The Review of Samsung Galaxy S8