SC Verdict: Death Knell to Laloo Yadav’s Fodder Scam

Lalu Yadav Fodder Scam

In a blow to Lalu Prasad Yadav, the Supreme Court of India has initiated fresh proceedings against him in the case of 900 crores fodder scam. The Apex court has also turned the judgment delivered by the Jharkhand High Court, which had dropped the charges of conspiracy against him. The Supreme Court has also asked the trail court to complete the entire proceeding against the convict within a period of nine months.  The case involve the embezzlement of fund, worth rupees 1000 thousands crores by Lalu Yadav during his stint as Chief Minister of Bihar from 1990 -97. The Supreme Court has also ruled for trail of all the accused including Lalu Yadav for each case separately.

The verdict came against the order of Jharkhand High Court in 2014 on appeal of Central Bureau of Investigation where it had restrain itself from trying the same accused twice for the same offence, citing the past conviction had barred him contenting election and had also disqualified him as a member of Parliament.

The latest development has also most sounded death knell for Lalu Prasad Yadav’s political career. He is also the supremo of Rashtriya Janata Dal, (RJD) a regional political party of Bihar, which in power in alliance with Nitish Kumar’s JDU. The allegation of fraudulently withdrawing 37. 7 crores from Chaibasa treasury, which now comes in the state of Jharkhand, between the period April 1, 1994 to January 31, 1995 had led to his conviction. The blatant misuse law and authority in the state by him had also earned the title of ‘Jungle Raj’. Lalu Yadav, in spite being a convict, who was out on bail, had campaign vigorously in the run up to the State Assembly election.

According to a TV channel which has played secretly taped conversation between Lalu Yadav with another convicted gangster and ex MP Mohammad Shahabuddin, lodged in jail, will further intensify criticism for him. As the main opposition party in Bihar, BJP with allies is up in arms against the CM Nitish Kumar for being soft to a fodder scam convict.