SSL secures only The user information at the Payment Gateway

The SSL which stands for Secure socket Layer(HTTP’s), Which Actually protects the user information like his/her “Card information at the Payment gateway“.

It Also protects the website but still you need to Activate the security from hosting providers for your website, When there is an SSL certificate on your website the user will Trust that its a Trusted site for payment gateway to enter the Card information.

When the users enter in your site the , The whole address bar will turns in to “Green light”, And its giving the hint that they are on a safe site to proceed further with the transaction.

There are three types of certificates will be there to attach on a site, Which are OV, DV, EV, (DV) stands for Domain validation it verifies your domain ownership while (OV) stands for Organization validated. Its shows that your many and your organization is a legit and Trusted site. Fraudulent website will never pas these check. This is also reassuring to your visitors and your end users.

SSL will Boost your Search ranking in Google, It up-to 1 Million Liability protection, It will display a Security seal on your website, Including compatibility and compatible with all the Browsers.

The “Green Light” will shows the weight-age to your website, E-commerce sites will be having mostly the (EV) certificated which stand for Extended validation.

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