Teen girls allege molestation, growth injection at Delhi Shelter Home


Representative Image: The government home is for girls who are either rape survivors or rescued from the city’s streets, human traffickers and brothels.(Vipin Kumar/ HT File Photo)

Safety of Indian women is cursed in the Delhi House where the girls from various far off places are kept for rehabilitation. There are various complaints about them being tortured and injected with drug named Oxytocin. The basis of the report came forward when Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal reacted to the complaints from nine girls of the Delhi Shelter House.

The furious situation is not new in India. These are the girls who are survivors of rape, molestation and human trafficking. Aftermath of facing such extreme situations in their life, they live in hope of care and respect from society in such homes.

But the human instinct of various men serving the patriarchic notion of the society turns into a demonised nature towards women of society. All in one it has been observed that these men are creating a chaotic deal for such women relying for their rehabilitation upon societal measures.

If down the line this Delhi Shelter House girl would not have complained to the commission, then maybe or possibly many other would have fell the prey of such officials. The girls reported that they are being tortured and harassed on sexual basis. If any of these girls complaint to the senior officials are punished. And one such example of punishment is a girl who had been kept starving for 7 days.

The injection of Oxytocin is injected to medically enraged the hormones of girls and make them appear adults. This will help in further selling them to brothels and making money out of their sexuality. The complaint by Swati Maliwal to Delhi Police Commissioner was lodged on 16 of April. The police have started the enquiry.

But the whole point here to look up is that, Indian women are not even safe in rehabilitation centers. The suffering girls are brought to rehab so that they can learn soft skills and build up their confidence to stand alone and atop in society. But unfortunately some doesn’t want them to stand and walk independently. Rather these categories of people want to take advantage of their situations and ruin or worsen it more.

Injecting of medications for their premature growth is no other symbol than to make them available to the molesters. But this method is shocking in terms of human behavior and humanity itself. One should keep in mind that, they are part of society which deserves to be respected and taken care of in the same way as boys or men are being treated.

Lastly but not to the least of our attempts, we should keep in mind the sources of our birth and should respect the womb. It becomes our duty to take it into consideration that such houses should be banned and should not be allowed to ruin the future of such girls.

Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/delhi/delhi-s-house-of-horror-teen-girls-allege-molestation-growth-injection-at-shelter-home/story-ZfSKZMWObYf7i2u1PlPNMP.html