Whatsapp new Feature launches in May 1st said by : Mark

Whats-app gonna launch its new future shortly as stated by its Team, Recently we have seen that “Delete for me” option was enabled. Facebook team has said in their community forum that new Whatsapp feature is ready to launch in April.

So finally whatsapp is adding all the controls to the users to choose weather they are interested to be added in a group or not.

The new update will launch soon, you will get the invite first before getting added to the group rather then automatically added in a group without your permission.

And any users sends you the invite link to accept you will have total three days time to decide whether to accept or decline before it expires. Now we have an option to exit from the group and to be removed from user end. Its gonna be change again shortly .Also spamming was happening in whatsapp that randonly users were getting added to the groups

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