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Jeff Bezo’s :Amazon is Launching the new Data center in Singapore

The recent news which had come across the new channels had announced that Mr Bezo’s had a through of launching the data center in Singapore shortly, It has been delayed due to some internal meetings ad a hold from his Legal team to decide it.

The decisions still are not final with these commitments, Mr Jeff has to give a green signal for this launch or else this might go on hold for couple of days, Ready with the Infrastructure and all other things which are needed.

There is data center which is already in United states, Its a very large size space it has covered. And it has a bullet proof system in all the areas cross the data center. Amazon market has started firstly in USA and then in India to expand the business across the world. Now the top most company in the world is Amazon and the CEO Bezo’s.

It has a huge facilities in the infrastructure towards the people who work Amazon in India with sudexo coupons and night shift allowances for its employees.

Mr Bill gates and warren Buffet, are the two other partners of Jeff who helped him in launching the Data centers and Business across the United states, these there are the top Billionaires of the world.