Elections in Telangana and Andhra: Jagan Says 20 Seats for YSRCP

Elections in Telangana and Andhra: Jagan Says 20 Seats for JSRCP
Elections in Telangana

YSRCP chief said that 20 Seats are confirmed in Andhra and 16 seats are confirmed in Telangana. One will be 101% Confirmed said by AIMIM Chief Asaduddin owaisi in his latest tweet.

Let the results come out the new “CM will be Jagan Mohan Reddy for Andhra and KCR will become the PM as federal front”. “Many regional parties has the change to win this elections in opposite to UPA and NDA”.

Empathy will be shown by all regional parties to UPA and NDA government who are the biggest failures in the history

BJP put this together to hopefully help you understand that they will will this elections with high majority of votes across all the states. “New Update has got that BJP loose in Aadhra and Telangana”. The voting percentage is too low in Hyderabad city when compared to other cities of Telangana and Andhra. Federal front has also chances KCR can become a PM of India and Mamath Banerjee said she would be President.

Mayawati claims that every one should take of their shoes before they approach her, As she has a allergy with dust in her recent statement BSP leaders held a meeting with Mayawati for this coming Election result that they are ready to form the Federal from, “A third government can be formed by having strong leaders for federal front.

Jagan Claims to be CM:

This is a very Big election in 2019. The elections still are on going in different parts of India , on the we have seen the Elections have completed successfully in Telangana and Andhra. Its a beautiful winning if Jagan wins in Andhra as a CM for the poor people who are suffering from sever problems and difficult situation is all the sectors like Jobs,Studies,Hospitalization, As they do not have anything in Andhra pradesh as its a newly formed State in India after the Bifurcation of Two states.

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