File Actor and Politician Raj Babbar: Says Mamatha Banerjee knows the Size of PM Modi Kurta

Raj Babbar
Raj Babbar

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: PM Modi in a “non-political” meet had said that he has many “great friends” in the Opposition, including Mamata Banerjee, who sent him kurtas and Bengali desserts.

Senior Congress Leader Raj Babbar on Friday ripped into West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, asking how the Trinamool boss knew the “size of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s kurtas”, two days after the PM said in a meeting that Ms Banerjee “personally” chose kurtas and sent him as endowments.

“Two items from West Bengal are well known over the world. One is desserts made of curds and another is the “kurta”. However, till date, Mamata ji has not sent these two to us or any other person. In the event that she needs to blessing them, she sends it to just a single individual. So you can comprehend that she knows the measure of a kurta. Prior, we used to bring up issues if the extent of his chest is 56 inches or not,” Raj Babbar said at a question and answer session in Kolkata.


PM Modi on Wednesday in a “non-political” interview to Hero Akshay Kumar had guaranteed that he has many “great friends” in the opposition, including Mamata Banerjee.

Scrutinizing the Trinamool boss’ enemy of BJP stand, Raj Babbar blamed Mamata Banerjee for helping the BJP’s development in Bengal. He claimed that the decision party in Bengal turned to savagery as it feared rout if surveys were free and reasonable. “It is disgraceful that the gathering (Trinamool) doesn’t have any regard for law based standards,” he guaranteed.

Raj Babbar drew fire from Trinamool’s Partha Chatterjee, who said that the on-screen character turned-lawmaker did not know graciousness. “He isn’t as experienced in politics issues, as he is in film. He doesn’t know politeness. He doesn’t comprehend that civility and governmental issues are not same,” said the Trinamool Leader.

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