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No Pak F-16s missing has found by US :India claims

The AMRAAM missile pieces were displayed by the India Air force,which was fired by PAK F-16,as a proof and evidence. But India team says that there is no [roper evidence from PAK Government.

Abhinandan Wing commander has shot down the PAk F-16s on same night and unfortunately has falled down in Pakistan Border side almost in Pakistan, The Civilians of PAk had threatened him and said that they need to handover the commander to PAK Military officers.


It was happened suddenly in seconds that People of PAk had Hand-overed him to the military dept and he was sent to Local head office of Military in Pakistan.

Air strike was very dangerous but PM Imran khan says Indian team has only crashed the trees at the border and they never came inside the boundary of PAk. It just a rumor which Media social network site shown that India has shot down many civilians and terror camps. But there was no proper clue and no proper