Comprehensive Grant Application Materials - SC First Steps


Comprehensive Grant Application Materials


Please remember to save your application progress frequently and store your unique application link.

Additional Materials

Appendix A - Resource Development Plan

Appendix B - Proposed Program Strategies

Appendix C - Community Education and Outreach Plan

Appendix D - Fiscal Signatories Form

Appendix E - Certification Form

Appendix F - Board Membership and Attendance

Appendix G - Checking Program Minimum Qualifications

Appendix I - Grant Qualifications

Board Matrix

Board Survey

Core Functions Matrix

Grant Application Checklist

FY25 Program and Operational Guidelines

Discretionary Grant Opportunities

Discretionary Grant Guidance

Year-End Document Upload

As part of your FY25 Formula Funding Grant Application, please upload the following year-end documents:
  • Appendix F: Board Membership and Attendance
  • Board Meeting minutes
  • Appendix A: Resource and Development Plan
Link to upload your documents, coming soon. All year-end documents are due by 11:59 p.m. on July 15, 2024.