FY25 Comprehensive Grant Application - SC First Steps


FY25 Comprehensive Grant Application

Local First Steps Partnership Formula Grant

Per South Carolina law, the Ƶ Board of Trustees awards grants of state funding to local First Steps partnership organizations in order to fill gaps in services for children 0-5 in their county. The partnership’s needs and resources assessment and long-range comprehensive plan are factors that determine formula funding.

As a condition of receiving state funds, partnerships must demonstrate compliance with a set of 46 minimum qualifications.

First Steps local partnership organizations
Focus Area
Formula Funding, READY

How to Apply

The FY25 Comprehensive Grant Application streamlines the application process for Ƶ’ Formula Funding Grant and Discretionary Grant Funding. All local First Steps partnerships must complete and submit the FY25 Comprehensive Grant Application, including all required attachments, by April 15, 2024. Year-end information, including a resource development plan and all required governance documents, must by submitted by July 15, 2024. All data must be entered completely and accurately in the First Steps data collection system by July 15, 2024.

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